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Terms of service

HAVE FUN JAPAN Terms of service

HAVE FUN JAPAN Terms of service

HAVE FUN JAPAN (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”) is a tourism booking / coordinating agency service (hereinafter referred to as “this Service”) in Japan, provided by Caps Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”.) Regarding the use of this service, the HAVE FUN JAPAN Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms”) are defined as follows.

Those who use this Service demonstrate that they accept the following Terms, therefore, please carefully read these Terms before use.
Article 1 Objective

These Terms apply to users of the tourism booking / coordinating agency site "HAVE FUN JAPAN" operated by the Company. Users of this Service must agree to these Terms before use. Please note that these Terms are subject to change without notice.
Article 2 Member Registration
  • (1) A “Member” refers to an individual who has agreed to these Terms, completed the designated member registration procedures in order to receive provision of this Service, and has been approved as a member by the Company. However, even after approval, the Company may cancel membership if it is deemed necessary.
  • (2) Any false declarations regarding the information required when registering as a member will not be accepted. Individuals may register only once with their own registration information (name, e-mail address, etc.) and password, multiple memberships by the same person are not permitted.
  • (3) If there is a change in the registration information required, members will promptly update their information.
Article 3 Information from the Company Providing the Experience
  • (1) The Company, via this Service, shall provide members with the required information for making a reservation, such available dates and times, fees, etc. and information regarding the experience and the company providing the experience (hereinafter referred to as "Reservation Information"). However, the Reservation Information is provided at the responsibility of the company providing the experience, and the Company bears no accountability for the contents of said information, unless it is intentionally or negligently mis-communicated on the part of the Company.
  • (2) If problems, disputes or complaints arise between a member and the company providing the experience, the member must seek resolution and / or any damages from the company providing the experience. The Company shall accept no responsibility in such matters.
Article 4 Reservation Confirmation and Arrangement Agency Contract
The Company shall forward reservation applications from members of this Service to the company providing the experience, and if the reservation is accepted, the Company shall send a reservation confirmation e-mail to the member. When the member receives the reservation confirmation e-mail, it will mean that an arrangement agency contract has been formed between the member and the Company.
Article 5 Payment
Members shall pay via payment services such as credit card payment services provided by our partner companies (hereinafter referred to as “Payment Services”). Once the reservation is confirmed, payment will be made by credit card through a partner company. All prices listed in this Service are in Japanese yen, and the credit card payment amount will be converted to the member's home currency at the rate determined by the credit card company.
Article 6 Additional Payments
If a member needs to make additional payments for services other than those stated in the reservation, these shall be paid directly to the company providing the experience and the guide-interpreter in cash (Japanese Yen) on the day of the experience or by another method stipulated by the company providing the experience.
Article 7 Role of Guide-interpreter
Members can apply for a paid guide-interpreter to accompany them. Guide-interpreters do not give guided commentaries. Their purpose is to translate communications between the member and the company providing the experience.
The roles and responsibilities of guide-interpreter are as follows.
  • (1) The Company is not always able to secure the services of a guide-interpreter. Members acknowledge in advance that if their preferred guide-interpreter cannot be arranged, the reservation will be cancelled.
  • (2) Guide-interpreters are generally limited to a language range that includes daily conversation, such as conversations that are likely to occur on a daily basis in food and beverage, leisure, entertainment, lodging, and transportation. The Company does not provide interpreters that have advanced expertise or that can handle life-threatening situations like medical interpreters etc.
  • (3) When interpreting between members and third-parties, if the interpreter finds technical terms or terms without a direct translation, it is their responsibility to interpret as much as possible within their limitations.
  • (4) The guide-interpreter will use only the language that was requested by the member.
  • (5) In general, guide-interpreters can work up to 8 hours a day.
  • (6) In general, the meeting point and ending point with the guide-interpreter will be at the location of the company providing the experience. If the member wishes the guide-interpreter to meet at their accommodations or at a station etc., the travel expenses from the meeting point to the company providing the experience will be paid for by the member.
  • (7) Contact information for the guide-interpreter and the member will be provided to the other party after the reservation is made, and they will communicate directly regarding the schedule and meeting points.
  • (8) Guide-interpreters are paid by the hour for the duration of the activity.
  • (9) In the unlikely event that a member is a no-show on the day of the reservation, the guide-interpreter will try to contact the member via mobile phone, email, or hotel staff. However, if 20 minutes after the designated time there is still no contact, the reservation will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be charged to the member. Cancellation fees are charged according the cancellation Policy.
  • (10) Guide-interpreters shall wear their registered guide-interpreter membership ID card in a visible place while working.
  • (11) Members should note that when meeting the guide-interpreter, it is necessary to show them the reservation confirmation message on the member's device (such as their tablet or smartphone), after which the guide-interpreter will send an acknowledgment message to the Company that the interpreter service has begun.
Article 8 Suspension or Cancelation of Guide-interpreter Services
If a member acts in any of the following ways, or if the during the time allotted any of the following situations occur, the guide-interpreter may cancel or suspend the provision of their services, even in the middle of the experience.
  • (1) Any acts of discrimination or slander against the Company, it's guide-interpreters, members, or others, that damage their honor or reputation.
  • (2) Any acts that are criminal in nature, such as fraud etc.
  • (3) Using obscenities and any acts that are considered obscene.
  • (4) Acts that violate laws and regulations, such as those related to stalking.
  • (5) Acts that infringe on the privacy of the guide-interpreter.
  • (6) Impersonating another person when using the services of a guide-interpreter.
  • (7) Speaking in a way that is slanderous, accusatory or offensive.
  • (8) Acts that infringe, or could infringe, on intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademark rights of the Company or others.
  • (9) Acts that infringe, or could infringe, on property, privacy or portrait rights of the Company or others.
  • (10) Any acts that are a misuse of the guide-interpreter services or that cause nuisance to the guide-interpreter or third parties.
  • (11) Acts (other than above) that violate law and regulations, that are offensive to public order and morals (prostitution, violence, cruelty, drug use, etc.), or that cause harm to others.
  • (12) Using a guide-interpreter's service in a way that brings, or may bring, direct or indirect benefit to anti-social forces (mafia, gangs etc.)
Article 9 Cancellation of Reservations and Cancellation Fees if Members Cancel for Personal Reasons
  • (1) Members who wish to cancel for personal reasons may see the list of fees in the "Cancellation Policy" of this Service.
  • (2) The Company is not liable for any losses due to exchange rate fluctuations between the time of paying and refunding reservations.
  • (3) In principle, cancellation of reservations must be done from "My page" on this Site.
Article 10 Cancellation and Refund as Decided by The Company Providing the Experience
When the company providing the experience cancels the reservation or the experience activity due to bad weather or natural disasters etc. the member will be refunded in full. However, the Company is not liable for any losses due to exchange rate fluctuations between the times of paying and refunding reservations.
Article 11 Passwords
  • (1) Members shall be responsible for their own passwords.
  • (2) Members shall not allow third parties to use their e-mail address or password, nor any other acts such as lending, transferring, changing names, buying and selling, or using such as collateral etc.
  • (3) The member shall be liable for any damages caused by poor handling of their password, errors in usage, or use by a third party etc., the Company will not accept liability for any such damages.
Article 12 Handling of Personal Information
  • (1) The Company respects the privacy of all members and is very careful in the management of personal information. In managing and operating this Service, the Company will handle personal information acquired from members in accord with the “Privacy Policy” of this Service.
  • (2) Members shall agree in advance that unless they de-register their membership information according to the procedures specified by the Company, the personal information will continue to be stored and used even if the member stops using this Service or withdraws membership (or any other reason.)
Article 13 Prohibitions
When using this Service, members shall not do any of the following nor anything that could cause the following.
  • (1) Acts that violate these Terms
  • (2) Acts that violate laws and regulations, or public order and morals
  • (3) Acts that infringe on copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of the Company, other members, or third parties
  • (4) Acts that slander or defame other members or third parties
  • (5) Acts that cause harm to other members or third parties
  • (6) Acts that interfere with the operation of the Company's business or services
  • (7) Acts for commercial profit
  • (8) Acts of a criminal nature
  • (9) Acts that use this Service to intentionally intimidate, or to intentionally spread false information in order to make problems for the Company or the company providing the experience
  • (10) Acts of harassment toward the Company, the company providing the experience, or third parties, as well as non-payment of experience fees, cancellation fees or any other fees
  • (11) Any other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company
Article 14 Deleting or Modifying Member Information
Of the information input by members, if any of it falls under the following it may be deleted or modified without the consent of the member if deemed necessary by the Company.
  • (1) Anything that the Company deems as falling under Article 13 "Prohibitions" of these Terms
  • (2) Information the Company determines to be contrary to the facts
  • (3) Anything else deemed inappropriate by the Company
Article 15 Deregistration of Membership
If any of the following apply to a member, the Company may deregister their membership without advanced notification and without accepting any liability.
  • (1) Committing an act that the Company deems as falling under Article 13 "Prohibitions" of these Terms
  • (2) Any other violation of these Terms
  • (3) When the Company determines the individual is not qualified for membership
Article 16 Modification, Suspension or Cancellation of This Service
  • (1) The Company may modify, suspend, or cancel all or part of this Service without notifying members in advance.
  • (2) The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the member due to the modification, suspension or cancellation of all or part of this Service.
Article 17 Copyrights and Property Rights
All copyrights and property rights relating to the contents displayed on this Site belong to the Company, to the companies providing experiences, business partners, and advertisers that provide the content to the Company. Users and members agree not to copy, publish, transfer, lend, translate, reprint, send, license, or reuse any contents without prior written consent from either the Company, the company providing the experience, business partners, or advertisers. In addition, the Company has the right to claim the value of any benefits incurred if users or members obtain profit through such acts.
Article 18 Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability
  • (1) The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may arise either to the member or the company providing the experience.
  • (2) The company providing the experience is a contract company independent of the Company. Therefore, the Company shall bear absolutely no liability for damages such as injuries, death, damage or loss of property when participating in an experience due any act, error, negligence, misrepresentation or false assurance attributed to the company providing the experience, nor for damages due to terrorism, or any other reason.
  • (3) The Company shall not be liable for delays, cancellations, duplicate reservations, labor strikes etc. that interfere with the experience, or any other problems beyond the control of the Company. In addition, the Company has no obligation to cover additional costs due to delays, cancellations, or changes in the contents of the experience due to governmental or judicial orders etc.
  • (4) The Company, even in the cases of willful misconduct or negligence, will not bear any damages excepting the actual and first hand ordinary losses that occur to members in connection with the provision of this Service.
Article 19 Exclusion of Anti-social Forces
Members must declare that they do not currently, nor will they in the future, belong to any anti-social forces (crime syndicates, gangsters, nor have belonged to such in the last 5 years, be an associate gangster or connected to a gangster-affiliated company, corporate racketeers etc., groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns and crime groups specializing in intellectual crimes, or anything else equivalent to these), engage in illegal acts such as fraud, intimidation or obstruction of business etc. In case of any misrepresentation in such matters, the member shall accept the suspension of use of this Service or the termination of membership without objection.
Article 20 Modifications of These Terms
The Company may modify the contents of these Terms as necessary. When these Terms are modified, they will be modified on this page and notification will not be given to members each time.
Article 21 Jurisdiction
The Osaka District Court of Japan shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for any dispute concerning these Terms.
Article 22 Consultation
In case matters not stipulated in these Terms, or any doubts concerning these Terms arise, the Company shall negotiate in good faith between the parties concerned and endeavor to resolve the matter amicably.

September 1st, 2019